ARMD Treatment

Until recently, there were very few effective treatments for ARMD, and even today there are signifcant limitations on current therapy, for example no treatment is currently available to treat dry ARMD. However, in the past few years, an array of exciting new treatments known as anti-VEGF therapies have become available and these have transformed the management of wet ARMD. These treatments may not only stabilise the vision due to wet ARMD, they may also improve it in certain patients. There are significant drawbacks to the treatment however, not least the fact that the treatment consists of injections into the eye (usually repeated every month for at least three months and often more). These anti-VEGF therapies include Avastin, Lucentis and Macugen. It is important to remember that although the new therapies are a major advance on previous treatment, there are still certain individuals with wet ARMD for whom therapy is not indicated